Saturday, March 05, 2005

A little bit more about myself

Hello everyone,

Looking back on my first actual post, it is evident that I didn't include too much about myself. I hope to rectify this in the next few posts.

My favorite artist? Well, that's easy. That would be Russell Jones, commonly referred to as Ol' Dirty Bastard, because as he put it, "My style ain't got no father." Why would an old man such as myself enjoy someone like Ol' Dirty Bastard? you may ask while scratching your head like a gorilla. Well, come close my son, let met tell you: Artists are all batshit crazy. The greatness of the artist is affected exponentially by their level of insanity. Take Van Gogh, for instance. He may have been a fantastic, kind-hearted human being, but he cut off his goddamned ear. He produced fantastic works of art, but ask any typical American about Van Gogh, and if they know the name they'll tell you about his ear.
Van Gogh wasn' t appreciated during his lifetime, and died a lonely, poverty stricken man. Ol' Dirty Bastard died a multi-multi millionaire, but he has one thing in common with Van Gogh; during his lifetime his art was not as appreciated as his social status, that of a disturbed drug addict. God bless entertainment!


Blogger SwiftD24 said...

wow i wouldnt take you for a ODB fan Tom, that means you like Wu-Tang Clan?

9:41 PM  

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